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Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) using mediation can save time, money and create a constructive process for both parties.

While it is human nature to view litigation as a win or lose situation, the reality of divorce litigation in California is that no one really wins, except in some rare circumstances.

The most cost-effective way to resolve a divorce case involves both spouses working together in order to reach an agreed upon resolution of all issues. Mediation does not prohibit both spouses from retaining an attorney to properly advise of all rights and obligations related to a divorce case, prior to the signing of a binding settlement agreement.

Family Law

Family Law cover a vast area that is complicate an emotional. Divorce, child custody, spousal and child support, and domestic violence restraining orders are just some the areas covered.

Family law attorneys are attorneys who work in legal areas that could potentially have an impact on your family. The most common type of case that a family law attorney handles is a petition for dissolution of marriage (a divorce), but family law attorneys can do a lot more for your family. Family law attorneys can help you grow your family by facilitating adoption, and immigration of family members. Family law attorneys can help you plan for your family's future by setting up trusts, drafting last will and testaments, and drafting post-nuptial agreements.

Social Security Disability (SSI/SSDI)

SSDI and SSI knowledge and understanding of both medical and legal requirements for winning your case. We have a proven track record of success.

Long & Vernon LLP has an excellent track-record of helping San Diego military veterans obtain their deserved social security disability benefits. Attorney Patrick B. Long practices exclusively in the area of social security law, and as a military veteran himself, he understands the unique challenges San Diego veterans face when seeking disability benefits.


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Long & Vernon LLP is a veteran owned law firm. Mr. Vernon served honorably in the US Coast Guard. Mr. Long served honorably as a Corpsman in the US Navy.

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