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COVID-19 Child Custody Issues

We are all living in uncertain times due to the current pandemic. The San Diego Superior Court is currently closed for normal business operations. Currently, the San Diego Superior Court is only hearing family law matters involving emergency situations. This has created more uncertainty in the realm of child custody and visitation issues. Does your child custody and visitation situation involve an emergency issue that can be reviewed by the Court at this time?

If you are experiencing an issue related to child custody and visitation of your minor child or children during this difficult time, one of the best actions you can take is to seek the advice of a professional. It is important to understand your legal rights and the rights of the other parent. Moreover, an experienced family law attorney can assist you creating an action plan to address your pandemic related custody and visitation issues.

The attorneys at Long & Vernon LLP have over 13 years combined experience in representing clients in child custody and visitation matters.

Just call 619-485-2900 or email info@longvernon.com in order to learn more about your options regarding legal services during this difficult time. Long & Vernon LLP offers virtual legal services, including video teleconferencing, to ensure all current social distancing protocols are properly followed.

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